Whats in your Wazz Sports Twisted Energy

We Call it a Woi Hoi, as thats Mr Woi Hois favourite noise, he says it a lot.  

Twisted Energy 

Sometimes we are serious, not often but sometimes we provide information, here is one of those  times.  

What we use and why we use it.  

We use Trademarked Ingredients, good ones.  


Dynamine is a registered trademark of compound solutions, why do we use it. 

1. Compounds solutions called us up and where like DUDE you should totally bang this in your powder its serious banging juice.  

2. Not really. 

3. We researched, found out is pretty sweet and went with a juicy amount of 50mg per scoop.  Dynamine® is Methylliberine, but thats not easy or fun to say so we are calling it Dynamine.  We could tell you it'll make you a big strong man ( or woman ) or Gender X...its 2019, your choice.  But we wont what we will tell you is ; 

  • It makes you feel happy ( naaawwww thats nice ) 
  • It gives you more energy 
  • Starts working pretty DARN quickly and lasts for 3 hours 
  • Makes you feel BRETTER.  We fused Brainy with Better ( BRETTER ) 

If you have heard of Teacrine® its just like that but starts working faster, and hangs around in your system a little longer, seems like e BRETTER ingredient to us, so we used it.  


Another trademarked ingredient ( showing off now arent we ) but its a good one.  Trademarked by the good ole guys over at NuLiv Sciences. Astragin is a natural ( non synthetic ) compound which we ( not us but someone else ) found in a plant called Astragalus Membranaceus, what this handy little planty compound does is make everything else in Twisted® work BRETTER.  Makes all the ingredients work faster, stronger, harder, its like the sugar in your coffee, you might not need it but it gives it that Sweet kick. 


Mainly Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12, there are a lot of B vitamins, 17 in fact, but B6 is handy little water soluble vitamin to ensure your body gets the most from the nutrients you in take during the day, it also aids in the hydration process, when you get all sweaty from a woi hoi workout, also after your workout when your chomping down a plate of veggies and other deliciousness, B6 helps your body absorb all those lovely nutrients 

We have our favourite B Vitamin of all, B12, lovely little fellow,  helps transport oxygen around your cells, helps your body increase red blood cells, making your blood all oxygen-Y.  More oxygen = more fun in the blood = more woi hoi time #Science.  


Now theres a lot of HYPE right now about what form of Citrulline people are using, L or Malate, we went with L. Mainly because its a little bit more expensive and we thought, well you dont go to the disco to buy tap water, so we may as well go ALL OUT and spend some bucks !!! But also #Science says the L is better, we wont go into science, someone else will do that, go google, something about Malic Acid, and sea turtles or something....anyway our super mega expensive L-Citrulline is 4000mg per serving, we could have used less, that would suck, we could have used more, but you know what MORE is not always better, unless of course your talking about happiness, then it always is. Always. 

Why L-Citrulline ? 

  • Stops your muscles getting sore ( thats a bonus ) 
  • Delays fatigue or in other words gives you MAD ENERGEEZ
  • Gets more blood pumping through them veinz
  • Other things we cant remember, its good though. You will like it


Another Veiny, Pumpy ingredient we used to make you all happy and muscle-y.  

We included some L-Norvaline for similar reasons we included L-Citrulline, it also increases blood flow, but coupled with Astragin & Citrulline, the amount of blood flow is greatly enhanced ( wait that sounded serious ) the amount of Blood flow is MAD CRAZY.  There you go.  More blood flow, more pumps, more energy, bigger muscles, more happy time. 

Serious stuff again

Its worth pointing out that all ingredients listed so far work well on there own but when you put them together at the correct doses BOY do they work better, and thats what we done, we done that...us...we done it.  Oh wait theres more things here....


Well, we would not really put an Energy drink out without caffeine could we, its like the backbone of the world, imagine taking coffee away, i think the world would simply just STOP, like over night it would just cease to be a functioning world anymore.  so caffeine, we dont need to explain what it does, we will a bit.  Its a CNS stimulant ( you can google that ) Gives you energy thats all you need to know. Its energetic energy.  

Theres still more, i feel like we used too many things.....ahhh we will keep going.  


Some people say this makes you run faster, not us. some people do though. Try it see if you run faster.  Let us know.  We have 1000mg of it, thats a nice dose, to put that into comparison thats 200 teaspoons !! 200 of those spoons that you stir your coffee with...not really its like a fraction of teaspoon, sounded good though. 

Nearly finished i promise 

Beta Alanine 

Beta alanine ( wait for the science ) increases Carnosine production, an increase in carnosine affects sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium regulation ( obviously ! ) 

It does a few more big words, aids in role of increasing Adenosine Tri Phosphate and delaying the ole lactic acid bufferation.  But what you need to know is. 

  • Too much Beta Alanine makes your face itch like crazy !! 
  • we didnt use too much 
  • we are nice people 

We used 2500mg, which is still a REEEALLLY GOOD amount of beta alanine to do all that science stuff without you feeling like your face is melting 


OK last one i promise, theobromine, we included a meaty wazz of 100mg Theobromine into Twisted Energy, theobromine we found coupled with all of the ingredients above gives a pleasant euphoric effect, just making you feel all nice and woi hoi about life.  Pretty much the only reason we put it in, it might do other things, but to be honest you have been reading for a while now, so we will end this here.  Take Twisted Energy and feel the Woi hoi for yourself