Twisted Sample Sachet (14.4g)


Wazz Sports Sample Sachet - Extremely Potent - DO NOT EXCEED 1 SERVING.


This multi-coloured square shaped sachet holds 14.4g of the finest twisty bitz energy powder known to the human race. It is not only extremely powerful but it may also unlock your minds metaphorical tentacles delivering a euphoric state of mind with ample amounts of energy and focus - enabling you to complete the task at hand, twice over. Or run to slough, pick up a pallet of cardboard boxes and run back while writing an essay about what moths did before the lightbulb was invented.



It is important you know how and when to take Twisted Energy, so here goes: 

Take 1 scoopsy ( the contents of the sachet, no more ) in 200ml ( 9oz ) water  and consume about 20 minutes before you want crazy energy, don't take too close before going to bed or you will have a very energised bed experience.